Lasediode Driver Solutions



Fibotec offers special laser diode drivers, in detail versions that accept laser diodes tucked to integrated sockets. Two standard products with different concepts can operate laser diodes in butterfly package with up to 2 A drive current. Standard is "Pump Laser Pinout". "Signal Laser Pinout" is available on request.

The Socketdriver RMC is a driver solution for single lasers. The diode is controlled both manually via front panel control, and by commands remotely via a serial interface (USB). This also allows to monitor the drive conditions.

LTBiS is a multi-channel solution that is operated via serial interface only (RS 232 or USB). Separate Plug-In modules stick in a full or half 19" rack. This makes a "small solution" as a laser diode test and burn-in system. This is also supported by an additional photodiode that can be externally patched  to the fiber output in forward direction.

Download product sheet Socketdriver

Download product sheet LTBiS


Product Parameters Socketdriver and LTBiS


Sockets for Butterfly-Package, Laser Diode and SLD:     


 max. operation current

 max. compliance voltage

 max. TEC current

 operation current stability

 operation current modulation

 temperature stability 

 operation (non-condensing)

 size Socketdriver

 operation (non-condensing)



  2.0 A

  2.9 V

  3.0 A

  0.5 %

  > 20 Hz

  0.1 °K

  5-50 °C

  165x85x125 cmm

  84TE x 4HE

  serial (USB, LTBiS RS 232)



  • 42 TE Version LTBiS
  • different fiber adapters

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