Partners in Fiberoptics

Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH provides you with customized solutions in fiberoptics. You are invited to join us in the exploitation of infinite opportunities in the fiberoptics-world!

Management Buy Out at Fibotec Fiberoptics

During a Management Buy Out at Fibotec Fiberoptics closing end of 2016 core workforce took over the 80%-share of 4industries AG, a 87.8% entity of mic AG. Ronny Wozniza, Managing Director at Fibotec since July 2016, and the 3 very first employees and founders, Dr. Stephan Schiemann, Mario Werner and Dr. Gerald Werner, now are the present shareholders.

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dB-meter as an instrument at Photonics West

Fibotec has the dB-Meter as an instrument now, a further development of the well-proven dB-Meter module.

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Thuringian growth core for innovative optical fibers

Project partners receive a total funding of EUR 10 million from the BMBF.

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